Raise Your Voice

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04. Feb 2004
Angel Film
Raise Your Voice
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Dansk omtale på vej...Hillary Duff plays Terri Fletcher, star of her small town church choir and a girl with a special gift...an extraordinary voice. When a personal tragedy interrupts her steady life, Terri searches for strength within herself - and she will need it. A surprise acceptance to a summer study program at the country's most prestigious music school in Los Angeles is both an honor and a problem. Her strict father is absolutely against it.Not wanting to hurt her beloved father, yet knowing this is the opportunity of a lifetime, Terri decides she has to go for it. With the secret help of her mom and aunt, Terri heads for L.A. The highly competitive summer program offers a single scholarship for the coming year - a seemingly impossible dream for a small town girl. But with the help of some new friends and in inspirational teacher, Terri finds the will to meet the challenge.

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